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It’s time to inspire the next generation of intelligent, confident and fearless young women and men who will grow to ignite positivity and cultivate change in our communities. So we're crowdsourcing our collective to create and connect our network of fearless people. Let’s get everyone involved! Be authentic; there are only fearless answers.

Fill in the blank: I AM A FEARLESS _______________.

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Helaine Mario
Author, The Lost Concerto
Arlington, Virginia

I was 68 and a grandmother of five when I signed my first publishing contract for my novel of suspense, The Lost Concerto. My main character, Maggie, is a classical pianist and the woman I always wanted to be.  Strong, independent, compassionate, quirky, talented and brave. She is the kind of woman who runs toward something, not away. We are all afraid sometimes. It’s how we choose to stand up to our fears that matters. To me, that is what being fearless means.  


i am a fearless interior decorator.

Barbara Brown Hawthorn
Barbara Hawthorn Interiors, Ltd.
McLean, Virginia

Until 1984 I worked in the public policy arena starting the first national program to protect Air and Water Quality in the National Parks. When it was time to start my family, I realized a needed a career with more flexibility and less travel that allowed my years of training in the arts to flourish. I took the leap of faith and started my interior decorating business in 1984 and have never looked back. This career change allowed me to balance family and career and follow my passion for the arts.

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i am a fearless free spirit.

Sue Nunnally
National Archives
Washington, D.C.

My best friend in the whole wide world, Antonella, is standing behind me in this photo. Who knows what we are laughing about but it is such a joyous occasion for our son and daughter-in-law who are getting married that day. She and I enjoyed everything together that day, and we were indeed fearless!


i am a fearless dancer.

Lola Reinsch
E. G. Reinsch Companies
Arlington, Virginia

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Vasia Deliyianni

I Am a Fearless Art teacher.

Vasia Deliyianni
Art Teacher, Connelly School of the Holy Child
Potomac, Maryland

Professor, The Art Institute of Washington
Arlington, Virginia

Terri Johnson

I Am A Fearless Event Extraordinaire.

Terri Johnson
Director of Special Events
Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington
Washington, DC


i am a fearless photographer.

Lauren A. Wolfe
Creative Director
Arlington, Virginia

When I have my camera in my hand, I have no fear. Photography is a universal language. Follow your passion because passion changes everything. “You don’t take a photograph, you make it!” Ansel Adams


i am a fearless Career MOm.

Mercedes Kirkland-Doyle
Founder/Executive Director
The Good News Community Kitchen
Occoquan, VA


I am fearless because I know that I can and I will do whatever I put my mind to. I am not defined by my past but by the value I add to the lives of others on a daily basis. I give my all to helping and advancing others so that they can position themselves to change their current reality. Separated from my mother for several years, my brothers and I were raised by our grandparents. They were well into their retirement and took on four of their six grandchildren. I knew early on in life that my current lifestyle was not the end for me. I developed this desire to become a change agent. I sacrificed a traditional experience of attending college immediately after high school and enlisted in The United States Army. I traveled the world, developed sincere friends and learned every step necessary in creating, launching, sustaining and growing my non-profit. Having started my life receiving assistance from others, I now provide that assistance to those in need. I believe we are only as strong as our most fragile resident and I will give my all to ensure the community my children, your children and their children, live in flourishes.

We know you're fearless, so tell us.

Fill in the blank: I AM A FEARLESS _______________.

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